Die Bonding

As the world’s largest supplier of semiconductor equipment, we offer a wide range of die bonding and flip chip solutions that perfectly support your prototype, small-lot or high-volume production while meeting all your requirements in terms of precision, speed, panel size and flexibility.

AD838L plus

Automatic Die Bonder for a wide range of applications

  • Accuracy +/- 25µm @ 3S
  • High precision configuration +/- 15µm @ 3S
  • Substrate size: max 300x100mm
  • UPH: up to 12.000


High Precision Wafer & Panel Level Bonder

  • Die & Flip Chip capability
  • Accuracy < +/-5µm @ 3S
  • Panel Size max 340mm x340mm
  • Multiple material handling approaches
  • High temperature & high force bonding process

AD210 plus

Automatic Die Bonder for optical & photonic applications

  • Die & Flip Chip capability
  • Accuracy up to +/- 7µm @ 3S with local alignment
  • Heated workholder option
  • Dispensing capability

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