A sintering innovation for power electronics

The ASM SilverSAM is a single platform that can be used both in R&D activities and a multi-press configuration for running high-volume production with pressure sintering applications.

The ASM SilverSAM-m is a semi-automatic version that provides the necessary flexibility required in R&D, NPI or low-volume production. The ASM SilverSAM-auto is a fully automatic platform that can run up to 3 presses in parallel which can be scaled according to ramp-up and high volume scenarios.

The beauty of this system is that tooling and recipes are fully portable between both machines. The common platform makes the ASM SilverSAM the perfect solution to accompany and support our customers from product development to series production.

ASM SilverSAM-m

  • Single automated press
  • Manual loading & unloading
  • Same tooling for NPI & series production

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ASM SilverSAM-auto

  • Expandable from 1-3 presses
  • Individual controlled press
  • Fully automated material handling

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Solutions for the sintering process

Productronica2019 Nexx Apollo 1280x720px 960x540


Back Side Metallization - High throughput solution for thick and thin films and multiple wafer sizes.

Productronica2019 Alsi Laser 1280x720px 960x540

ALSI Laser1205

Multi-beam laser dicing of SiC wafers at extremely low thermal impact while having very high productivity.

Productronica2019 Dek Galaxy 1280x720px 960x540

DEK Galaxy

Extremely powerful, modular and flexibly configurable solution for use in advanced-packaging processes.

Asm Transfermolding Ideal 3g  3ge

IDEALmold 3G & 3Ge

Automatic Encapsulation Solution for Power Module and Double-Sided-Cooling (DSC) packages.

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